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Plasma/Oxy Fuel Cutting

Professional Service



2 Axis Hi Def CNC Plasma

1-1/2" Thickness (2" Rip)

Oxy Fuel

4" Thickness 

Plate Rolling

Professional Service

Akbend 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Working Length : 82"

Max Thickness : 1-3/4" at 82"

Pre-bend 1-1/8" at 82"

Faccin 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Working length: 10'

Max Thickness : 5/8" at 10'


Always Available

18" wide Band Saw

Plate Shear 

10' wide

Max Thickness: 1/2"

250 Ton. Press Break

12' Wide

Profile Rolling

Professional Service/Ornamental

Square Tube
Round Tube
Square Bar 
Round Bar

Equipment and Specialties

Complete List

- 250 Ton Break 10’x5/8”

- Plate Shear 10’ x 3/8”

- 18"x20' Band Saw

-45 Ton Ironworker

-Radial Drilling Equipment

-Handrail Bending Machine

-Fully Equipped Welding Stations

-Plate Bevelling Equipment

-Tube and angle rolling equipment

-Milling machine

-Machine lathe

-Threading equipment

-Shot Blast Cabinet for in shop blasting/cleaning parts.

-Material Handling up to 22 Ton


 -Structural Steel Fabrication/erection

- Commercial/Industrial Welding/repairs

   on-site and offsite with mobile welding trucks

- Supply and Fabricate Custom Steel products


-Commercial/Industrial/residential Construction

- Steel Supplier (Mild steel,stainless,aluminium,chrome molly,abrasive steel) 





-Custom Steel Fabrication


- Industrial Welding/repairs
Steel Erection/Rigging

-Replication of steel parts/retrofittings

-Access structures/safety railings/gates/guards/gangways

-CNC plasma/oxy fuel cutting

-Plate Rolling

-Pipe bending

- 3-D Drafting/Design            

- 4 ton. Excavator for small scale digging and landscaping

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